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A Guide to Sourcing Dog Boarding Facilities

If you and your family are planning an overseas holiday, there is the question of your four-legged companion and leaving him on his own is simply not an option. While you could ask a good friend to come and take care of your dog, it is difficult to find someone who is prepared to do that, plus there is the trust element. Fortunately, there is affordable dog boarding in Sydney from a well-established business and with an online search, you can be viewing their website.

What to look for when searching for a suitable dog kennel?

Many reputable dog boarding facilities are also a dog rescue facility, or perhaps they are breeders and they have all the amenities a dog kennel requires. All dogs in the facility would need to have the C5 vaccination prior to entering, which protects all the animals.

24/7 Vet Attendance

Any registered dog boarding facility would have around the clock vet attendance, with the day and night shift, which is essential should any dog require assistance. The residential vet would examine a dog prior to allowing admission and check the vaccination certificate, plus they would wish to know if your dog has any issues.


It is essential that the dog boarding facility is kept spotlessly clean, with thorough cleaning both morning and evening, while each dog would have their own pen with bedding and a water bowl. The staff should be people that love animals and this would ensure that your dog gets the love and affection that is used to.

Daily Exercise

Your dog certainly needs his daily exercise, which should be a morning and evening session, while a good boarding kennel would have their own private land for their dogs to run around. Of course, if you find a dog boarding facility that you think is good, then book a tour and see for yourself, plus you can prepare a list of questions for the kennel manager.

Dog Training

If you are going to leave your dog at a kennel for a couple of weeks, why not have the professionals do some basic training, which will really help you and your dog develop your relationship. Whether you want to stop him jumping up when visitors come by, or he has that nasty habit of biting, due to excitement, the professional dog trainer can cure this behaviour.