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What to Look For When Searching for a Dog Boarding Facility

If you are planning your 2021 holiday and are looking to book your canine family member into a kennels for a couple of weeks, there is a lot to consider. We’ve all heard the horror stories about poorly serviced venues where the animals are not treated as they should be and in order to avoid such a facility, here are some aspects you will find at a top dog boarding kennels.

24/7 Vet in Attendance

Anything can happen at any time and you want to be assured that emergency medical treatment is always available; a leading kennels would have a team of qualified vets who rotate their shifts to provide round-the-clock cover. There should be no compromise regarding vet services on demand, as some dogs do not respond well to a change of environment and therefore, require close monitoring at all times. Look at it from your dog’s perspective; one minute you are at home and the next in a strange place with strange people, which can be a traumatic experience for the animal.

Daily Exercise

Your dog should be given at least two outings in a day, preferably mornings and evenings, while affordable dog boarding in Sydney offers a secure field for the dogs to run around and if your dog is sociable, they will meet lots of other guests.


Video surveillance should be visible and cover the entire facility, while only authorised personnel would be admitted, which ensures your pet’s security. It is perfectly natural to worry about your four-legged friend while you are separated and knowing that the kennels is top notch brings peace of mind.

Admission Requirements

A registered bog boarding facility would request that the correct vaccinations are up to date prior to allowing the animal into the area. This is a precaution against a dog arriving with a disease and your vet can prepare what you require to book your pet in. The management would be dog lovers with staff who love their work and are not short on love and affection, which all dogs need – a personal visit is recommended, as this enables you to get the feel of the place.

Online Solutions

The easiest way to source local dog boarding kennels is with a Google search and you can browse, read the FAQ page and if all looks good, book a visit via the website. The manager would inform you of vaccination requirements to prepare and would be happy to answer any questions, and, of course, they want to know about your pet, likes and dislikes etc.