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The Pros and Cons of Restomods

We can be very nostalgic about the cars of yesteryear. The iconic cars that defined eras, and every decade had its stars. In a way the history of the automobile is the history of industrial style. But the problem with the old tech is that new tech is usually better. And if we take off the rose-coloured glasses, we will admit it is a lot nicer to get into a new car and go for a ride, than it is to fire up an old one. Especially if it is temperamental. Now the trend is to join the old with the new to bring about the best of both.

The Negatives: The main reason people resist restomods, is because you are changing something that will never be able to be changed back. With some cars this is more serious than others. Cars that are plentiful can afford to lose a few of their number, in the quest for making something awesome. But when it comes to cars that exist in very low numbers, then the cultural cost is much higher. And then the question is, do you have the right to destroy history? There comes a point where most would say you do not. If you are considering inauthentic restoration, this is something you will wrestle with.

The Positives: The benefits of marrying the old style with new tech are numerous. The truth is that you can make an old car so much better than it ever was. Every facet of car manufacturing has improved over the years. We can make cars go faster, handle better, more attractive on the inside, and sound better too. It was not long ago that if you restored a car and you didn’t make it stock, you would lose a lot of value. That isn’t true anymore, not if you do it well. Restomods are taking over, because you can’t ignore that they are superior in every way except historical accuracy.

How to Get it Done Right: The best way to attempt a restomod project is to have a plan and find the experts who can get it done right. For example, you can get dustless blasting in Perth to start your project out perfect from the start.

Restomods are here to stay, the important thing to consider is the historical cost. Do your research and find out just how rare a pristine version of your chosen car, really is? If there is less than 100 left in the world, perhaps you should think of something else. Otherwise, go for it.