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The Process of Unboxing Products

There are so many things that are packaged in different ways, but one of the most basic ways of packaging goods is by undoing them. The term ‘unboxing’ was first used in the late 19th century and according to etymology it’s derived from the Italian ‘unaggrodinga’, meaning ‘to unfold’. The origin of the word may be related to the origination of the wrapping itself – the wrapping was said to be done by a machine called ‘aggi’. This may also explain why the Italian word ‘aggi’ (meaning ‘machine’) is also the source of the word for the modern word ‘packing’! Unboxing is now a generic term that describes any technique used to open large packaging without tearing or damaging the package and sometimes involves a slight tamper evident process so that the original packaging does not appear!

Packaging experts have devised a variety of ways to package products to maximize sales, and mastering the unboxing experience is just one of those methods. It is now an important part of the retail industry worldwide, and is used when a retailer has purchased products from a supplier. Some goods can be left in the packaging; others will need to be boxed. This is usually done at the point of sale. Sometimes this is done as part of a promotional activity; for example, if a customer buys a range of skincare products and then purchases more of the same product from the same supplier, the retailer may give them a free set of cosmetic cases or boxes with each purchase.

Product packaging can also vary according to the age of the products themselves. For example, products such as DVDs and CDs may need to be packaged using high-quality plastic because they may be delicate, and can easily break if they are not packaged properly. However, this is not the case with most electronic products, which are more likely to be packed in standard cardboard boxes or cases. This is again because electronic items tend to have sensitive circuits, and so are more prone to damage than other types of products.

Packaging materials will also differ depending on the age of the product in question. For example, it would be very unusual to see a child’s DVD in a baby’s toy box. Similarly, there are probably never going to be children’s toothbrush holders that are in the shape of a brush, unless of course your children are lucky enough to have beautiful siblings! If packaging is carried out correctly, consumers can be rest assured that the goods sold by a retailer are of the highest quality. Poor packaging and poor quality goods can have devastating consequences.

Packaging can take a huge amount of time and effort to create. There are large teams of professionals who do this job day in and day out in order to create high quality packaging for products that will appeal to customers. It may well be possible to source some of the packaging materials yourself, but it is always better to buy them ready, as this will ensure that they are high quality, and will withstand the rigors of boxing for many years to come. However, there are numerous advantages to buying your packaging material from an established company.

As with all specialist services, you should make sure that the company that you are dealing with has been in business for many years. You need to know that they employ real professionals who understand the value of packaging design and can create high quality packaging for a reasonable price. You should also find out what sort of insurance the packaging company takes out for clients. Many smaller companies may not provide this level of cover. At the very least you should find out exactly what level of cover the company provides.