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When Quality and Discount Merge in Furniture

Selecting quality furniture often comes with a hefty price tag. Looking at brand names can scare you away from making that purchase that would make your home complete. However, there are choices if you know where to look. Hickory Chair is a prime example of how quality and discount can be an option.

For 104 years, Hickory Chair has been known for creating hand-made reproductions of period furniture. Although part of the conglomerate Heritage Home, they remain true to their audience of customers that demand quality. These timeless designs have made their way into such homes as H.F. Dupont, Alexa Hampton and Thomas O’Brien. The timeless beauty is second to none in distinction and beauty.

Discount Hickory Chair Furniture combines the long-lived reputation of exceptional workmanship with affordable prices. This duo makes obtaining upscale furniture pieces available to those that would otherwise not be able to afford. Beginning in Hickory, North Carolina, where the original factory was opened, Discount Hickory Chair Furniture is now part of the Hickory Furniture Mart that houses 19 different furniture and factory outlets.

Regular festivals and clearance sales are popular within the Mart, giving visitors an opportunity to mix and match designer pieces. Another popular location is at Boyles Furniture, located in Mocksville, North Carolina, where the latest brand name furniture is showcased in luxurious settings. Here you will also find sales of up to 50% off of amazing Hickory Chair Furniture. Other selections include:

  • Drexel-Heritage
  • Bernhardt
  • Thomasville
  • Baker
  • Habersham

This is only a partial listing of quality furniture name brands. Qualified interior designers are always on hand to guide customers through the steps in making the right selection for their home. Problems with high ceilings, closed in spaces and specific materials can be easily solved with the trained specialists of Boyles Furniture.

Boyles Furniture was founded in 1949 and has continuously moved up in character and stability. From a one showroom store in Hickory, North Carolina, they are now among the top 35 largest retail furniture retailers in the country. You will never find a shortage of fresh ideas on this growing furniture store. A large contributor to community projects, including building and furnishing the first Habitat for Humanity home in Hickory, this company takes pride in its American heritage and gives clients more than one reason to revisit. For more information and to browse the expansive selection of Hickory Chair and other companies of Boyles Furniture, visit their website at