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The Benefits of Integrated Labels

If you routinely have to ship packages to customers, integrated labels can make your entire shipping process far more efficient. Below are just a few of the benefits to using integrated labels as part of your shipping and handling process.

1. They Combine Shipping Labels and Invoices

One of the greatest benefits of an integrated label is that it can combine the shipping label and the invoice for a shipment on the same printer sheet. You will no longer have the print two sheets to produce both the label and invoice separately.

2. They Save Time and Money

Combining the shipping label and invoice into the same document can save a company a significant amount of time and money. For one, employees who prepare items for shipment won’t have to spend time printing two separate documents. This also means the printer will only have to run once instead of twice. This can save electricity and cut down on overhead expenses. Paper will also be saved.

3. They Make the Jobs of Employees Easier

An integrated label really simplifies the process of preparing a package for shipment. First, the employee takes the integrated label and peels off the shipping label portion. The shipping label is then affixed to the package as a sticker. The remaining portion of the integrated label is then placed into the package with the product in question where it acts as the invoice for that order. This streamlines the entire process. It only adds two steps that take mere seconds to complete when preparing a product for shipping. This means employees will be able to do their work more quickly and prepare more packages for shipment in the same amount of time.

4. They Are Convenient for Customers

Another benefit is that an integrated label can make the return process far easier for the customer. An integrated label placed inside a package can also include a return label that can be peeled off if needed. This return label will include the correct return address. If a customer needs to return an item for whatever reason, the return label just needs to be peeled off of the integrated label and applied to the package that is returned via the post office or some other postal service. It is far easier than having customers create their own labels and can increase customer satisfaction.

5. There Are Lots of Choices

Most companies that produce these kinds of labels have plenty of different templates to choose from. No matter what design you are looking for, you’re likely to find a close match. If you don’t find a match, however, you can likely order labels modified to your own design from the manufacturer. Inquire about this possibility.

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