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Why Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations are the New Trend

Let’s face it, weddings can be pricey and stressful to say the least. Fortunately, there are many ways and areas where you can cut down the expenses and stress related to your wedding. One such area is the wedding invitations. Do-it-yourself wedding invitations are not only cost-effective, but they are also more customisable and versatile than traditional invitations. Whether you want to save money, or you just want to make your wedding a true expression of your interests, do-it-yourself invitations are the popular choice. Moreover, you may find that creating the invitations is enjoyable and gives you the space to enjoy prepping for your wedding whilst also making a beautiful first impression for your guests.


There are many benefits of creating your own wedding invitations. The most obvious benefit is the savings. Making your own wedding invitations can literally save you hundreds of euros. Traditional invitations become quite costly when you add thicker paper, inserts, ribbons, and special designs. After selecting a traditional design and getting all the options you want, your wedding budget may be drained. To avoid the sticker shock, do-it-yourself invitations are a great alternative. They allow you to get the exact type and quality of invitation you want for a fraction of the typical cost.

Another benefit of creating your own wedding invitations is they are more customisable. You can literally create any type of invitation you want. Traditional invitations come with many restrictions and limitations that you simply will not experience when designing your own. If you have a design in mind, you can create it. The freedom and flexibility to create exactly what you want is invaluable and a major stress relief. Instead of feeling forced to go with traditional invitations, why not create the invitation you have always dreamt of?

Do-it-yourself wedding invitations are also more versatile. The range of do-it-yourself options is vast. For example, there are pre-designed templates and kits where you can select a pre-made template and prepare the invitations yourself. Or, for those who want maximum customisation, you can design your own invitations using the Pure Invitation’s invite designer tool. There are many options available to meet your unique needs and to ensure you get the perfect invitation.

Creating your own invitations allows you to more effectively monitor your budget during the process. With traditional invitations, once you make the selection, the money is gone. On the other hand, do-it-yourself invitations allow you to make adjustments during the creation process to meet your financial requirements. Having the flexibility to make adjustments is what couples prefer to make their wedding less stressful and to ensure they can spend more money on what’s most important to them.

Do-it-yourself invitations are much easier to create than most realise. They are convenient and straightforward. Previous design experience and high artistic ability are not required to make your own invitations. Kits and sophisticated online designer tools make your job simple. Anyone can design their own invitations with the newest online technology and kits.

Overall, there are many benefits to creating your own invitations. From tremendous savings to being able to create your dream invitation, the advantages are plentiful. In order to ensure a smooth do-it-yourself process, you may find the following advice and suggestions helpful.


As mentioned, designing your own invitations is a great option. There are certain strategies and recommendations to make the most out of your do-it-yourself project.

The first piece of advice is to give yourself time to make your invitations. Whilst online tools and kits make it easy, to keep stress at a minimum, it is helpful to add time. The time factor is for your own peace of mind and to relieve the pressure. By giving yourself more time, you allow a naturally inspired design to come to mind, which is more fitting and right for you. Also, you remove the pressure of needing to get it right the first time. You may go through several modifications with your invitation, which is typical. As such, it is of utmost importance to give yourself adequate time to create your ideal invitation.

Another suggestion is to take the free tutorials that come along with many online designer tools. The tutorials will make the creation process smoother and straightforward. Moreover, they allow you to familiarise yourself with the tool prior to using it to make your design. Even for those who are tech-savvy, it’s important to remember that each tool is unique and has its own features and highlights. Knowing what each button does and how to add the special touches will bring your design to life. Therefore, take the extra five to ten minutes to watch the tutorials.

Prior to creating your design, find inspiration. Look at other invitations and browse various collections to get a sense of how you want to design your invitation. You can also checkout some of the best Bride and Grooms Save the Date cards at their website to save your time. Remember, the invitation is the first impression your guests will have of the wedding. Therefore, it does hold some weight. Consider the theme you want to create with your invitation as well as the tone. Do you want your invitation to be vibrant and lively or more elegant and refined? Regardless of the type of invitation you want to create, finding inspiration prior to the creation process is key. Similar to an artist who finds inspiration prior to painting, the same process is necessary for your invitations. For maximum satisfaction, finding inspiration prior to making your design is recommended.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy the process. Your wedding is one of the best times of your life. Preparing for the celebration of your love should be exciting. When most couples look back on their weddings, many of them say if they could do it again, they would not stress as much. Creating your own invitations can be a fun way to relax and muster up more excitement for your big day.

Ultimately, do-it-yourself wedding invitations are a perfect alternative. They allow you to save money and create your ideal design. When making your invitations, remember to give yourself time, take the free tutorials, find inspiration, and have fun.