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6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Engagement Announcements

Some people prefer to get engaged in the most extravagant manner, like doing it in a public place where many people can see it. Such engagements often spread quickly across social media platforms and do not need an announcement. However, if you prefer a more private and intimate engagement, you will undoubtedly need an announcement to inform all your family and friends. Here, we will explore the top 6 tips to help you design the perfect engagement announcements.

Do You Need an Engagement Announcement?

Traditionally, sending engagement announcements to loved ones is part of social etiquette. They contain all the material details of your engagement, including the venue for the engagement party, the couple’s names announcing the engagement, and the date the engagement happened. This announcement is then sent to close friends and relatives. 

Creating a Stunning Engagement Announcement

We can’t all be as savvy at designing themes and picking colors as an event planner. If you fall into that category, do not worry because the following are easy-to-follow tips for creating a stunning engagement announcement:

  • Select a Theme

The first step is to pick a suitable theme for your engagement announcement. That is, do you prefer a vintage theme, a black and white theme, or perhaps a simplistic one? Having a suitable theme makes it possible to entertain your guests and even have fun while you design your engagement announcement. Mixbook offers premade templates that can coordinate with your style as well as make the designing aspect simple. It’s also advisable that you do your research, whether online or word-of-mouth, to understand these options. 

  • Take Pictures

Are you having trouble picking a suitable theme for your engagement announcement? Then, you should opt to use any of your favorite images. However, if you did select a theme, the next step is to look for images related to it. For example, if you chose a nature theme, you can use pictures of you and your fiance surrounded by trees, walking along the beach, or in a valley of golden flowers.

  • Choose Color Scheme

Choosing the suitable color scheme for your engagement announcements plays a crucial role in achieving the perfect design. Since most engagement announcement templates are digital, you can try complementing different colors by mixing and matching until you reach a satisfying outcome.

  • Pick a Layout

When picking a desirable layout, set the margins around the design border and identify the correct positions to fit your images and texts without cramping them up together. Doing this will help you quickly estimate the number of elements you will include in your announcement and make your engagement announcement have a unique appearance.

  • Supply the Details

The last step into designing the perfect engagement announcement is to include all the essential details on it. For example, your engagement announcement should consist of:

  • The date and time of your engagement party
  • Both your name and the name of your fiance
  • The name and address of your engagement party venue

TIP: These details should be brief and precise to ensure that those who receive your engagement announcement remember all the key details about your engagement.


There are few life-changing moments in life, such as when you get engaged. What better way to share this exciting feeling than to share it with your close family and friends than to design an engagement announcement that tells your story? At Mixbook, we have a wide range of customized announcements to choose from, featuring high-quality paper, stunning designs, and other sleek features. Visit our website today to start designing yours.