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A Quick Guide for People Looking To Delve Into Indonesia

Thousands of tourists breeze in Indonesia every year because of its pleasant weather and peculiar stopover destinations. No matter if you are looking forward to visiting here alone, with friends or family, you can easily find copious sight seen destinations to hang-loose. Below are a few important tips, which can help you, in case you are planning to drop anchor in this beautiful country in near future-

Dressing Sense Plays An Important Role: You cannot just wear shorts and roam around, when you are in Indonesia. You need to follow certain rules and traditions. If you are in this country for business objectives, then try wearing a formal suit. The rule is applicable to both males and females. If you are to take part in any formal occasion, then make sure you wear a good quality long-sleeved batik shirt or formal suit. For women, the best clothes are cocktail or evening dresses. Keep in mind that Indonesia is a Muslim country; hence, your dresses should be modest. Don’t forget to cover your body while visiting a mosque.

Dressing Sense

Look after Your Health: If it’s going to be your first time in Indonesia, then you are advised to look after your health cautiously. All the travelers in Indonesia should be immunized against hepatitis A for certain reasons. Other vaccinations such as encephalitis, typhoid, rabies and hepatitis B are needed depending upon the length of your stay. If you are not healthy, then don’t think of staying here for more than a few days. Make sure you drink packed water (prominent brand) and avoid taking bath in fresh water ponds and lakes.

Looking Health Indonesia

Don’t disgrace their Customs: Indonesia is a Muslim majority country; hence, you should not disgrace their customs intentionally or unintentionally. Scanty clothing is not allowed in public places. Women should cover their head and arms in mosques without any failure.

Be Polite: The one who shows finger to others is considered ill-mannered in any country, Indonesia is no different. Make sure you behave politely while calling someone. It’s good if you learn to take initiative and show some respect to others. Not only they will greet you by seeing you breaking the ice, but also befriend with you.

Be Polite

Avoid Patting Someone: No matter if you are with your son or friend, avoid patting him on the head. It’s considered against the local tradition, and should strictly be avoided.

Avoid Sunglasses In Houses: It’s not considered to wear sunglasses in someone’s house. Avoid them in someone’s house, unless you have an eye disease.

Sunglasses Houses

Use Right Hand: Whenever you are asked to take something from someone, or shake hands with someone, use your right hand without any failure. Don’t put your hand on someone’s hips while talking.

These are some of the most important tips to keep in mind while traveling to Indonesia. Visit for more such tips.

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