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Create More Web Traffic and Generate New Leads

Businesses are now using social media to create more web traffic and generate new leads to their websites. By having the right social media tools means your business will enjoy a greater presence on the net and major networks such as:-

  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Juggling multiple accounts can often be confusing and time consuming. There are reputable firms that advertise their management tools via the net, to make life better and easier for you.

Carry out campaigns across multiple social networks

By using the latest social media management tools, you can organise campaigns across multiple social networks from one dashboard. Manage unlimited social profiles, message scheduling and enhance analytics with the right tools that suit your requirements.

It’s essential to have the right type of social media software tools so why not take a look at reviews from users to find out the top four rated companies? Based on the eight most important criteria, Agorapulse is one of the most effective companies compared with Hootsuite, Sprout Social or Sendible, when it comes to user satisfaction, ongoing support, market presence and usability.

Free Facebook marketing tools

Take advantage of free Facebook marketing tools that comprise:-

  • A timeline contest manager – with this tool you can run unlimited free contests via your timeline, arrange quizzes, sweepstakes and photograph contests.
  • Benchmark your page – this enables you to see if your pages are performing above or below average, which metrics need a bit of attention and to see if you’re beating Facebook edge rank.
  • Watching videos – from informative videos you can learn how moderation tools work, manage admin roles, understand your Facebook page statistics along with getting rid of any spam on your page.

All of these management tools are free to try.

Need any help?

Should you need any help about social management tools or have any questions, get in touch with the experts who can give you all the assistance you may need. There’s also a help library online so if for example you wish to know more about prices, just type the word “prices” in the relevant box. A list of questions and answers will pop up like:-

  • Why have I been charged in Euros?
  • How long do I commit when I subscribe?
  • Can I edit, upgrade, downgrade or update my subscription?

There are many different categories where you can find info like getting started, trial specification, account subscription, invoices, team management and monitoring.

Check out the tutorials too that include:-

  • Configuring a quiz
  • Configuring a photo contest
  • Inviting a team member

These make everything quite straightforward and easy to carry out.

Take control of your social business

By taking control of your social media you can focus on managing a project, scaling your organisation globally and work closer with clients. See what Agorapulse, an online social media management tool company, has to offer. You’re sure to be impressed with their social media management tool features.

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