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Now You Can Afford that New Bike.

The thought of a new motorbike likely passes through the mind from time to time, especially if it has been some time since you went shopping. Adverts and perhaps even driving past the local dealer on your way to work won’t help either.

If you have ever owned a Yamaha motor bike before then you will know exactly how special they are, works of art that have been crafted and fine-tuned over many years of experience. Yamaha are that good they are even listed as being the Industry leading powersports company!

At the drop of a hat.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to buy a new Yamaha whenever you feel like it, at a quick glance some of the offerings across road bikes, dirt bikes, off-roaders, used bikes and even ATVs are mouth-watering. Some people can buy whatever they like at the drop of a hat but most can’t, especially in the current climate. There are more people than ever on reduced salaries due to the need of working from home or being asked to stay at home for health reasons.

Is cash really king?

The old phrase “Cash is king” is still true in some cases and there surely isn’t a better feeling than having a large wodge of paper notes in your hand with buying a new bike on the mind. For most, having a large wodge of paper notes in hand usually consists of bills or paperwork due for hand in…. The same can be said for the owners of local retail outlets, so you can be sure to see some healthy competition.

Pay as you go

In the current climate there are some superb offerings and in actual fact, it is a time of opportunity depending on how you look at it. Most shops will earn more money in the long run and are perhaps even incentivized to provide you with payment plans for Yamaha motor finance in Australia, helping to spread the cost over a given time. Some charge very little in the way of ‘interest’ too.

Price guarantee

A quick scour of the internet brings up some real gems, companies that are specialist dealers so they probably get the best prices and service, some of which guarantee that they won’t be beaten on price, that would be the first port of call surely……

Sometimes, getting the ‘best’ price can overwhelm the ‘rationale’ part of the brain. Try to get the ‘best value’, good price, solid aftercare and servicing from experts of the industry.