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Mother’s Day Is Almost Here: What do You get Your Special Lady?

The weather is warming, the birds are chirping, the grass is greening; spring has officially sprung and that means Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Being a mom is hard work; this year show your wife how much you appreciate her by making this Mother’s Day more than just another celebration. Do something for her that will blow her socks off and leave a lasting memory for years and decades to come… careful you don’t set the bar too high though or you may be in trouble in the years to come! Here are three unique ideas to do for your wife to show her thank you and tell her how meaningful and great she is.

  1. GetOutta Town

A lot of mom’s spend 8-12 hours a day doing mom things. This includes running the kids around town, doing errands, and keeping the house together. She is no doubt a busy lady. Give her a break from the housewife lifestyle and go somewhere. You can ask someone to watch the kids for a romantic getaway or take them with you. If you live somewhere that is cold, buy her an Aerieswimsuit and give her that as a present, then reveal that you are actually going somewhere like the beach or a natural hot spring. Utilize the nice weather and escape the craziness of home life.

  1. Surprise Picnic

Having lunch with mom is almost mandatory on Mother’s Day. Instead of doing the normal, plan a surprise picnic. Get everything ready without her knowing, and pretend like you are taking her to her favorite restaurant. On the way there, pretend you are having some car troubles and need to stop to look under the hood. Coincidently you stopped next to a nice park or grand open space. Ask her to see if you have some tools in the back and when she opens the trunk she’ll see a full picnic lunch. Take some games and music if you want and make an entire afternoon of it. Spending time with her family is what most moms want on Mother’s Day.

  1. Go Old-school

You could buy your wife anything, and it wouldn’t mean as much as a handwritten letter straight from your heart. Sit down and put your emotions on paper. Share some old, fond memories that will make her think of all the wonderful times you’ve spent together. Don’t be surprised if she cries, emotions are good on Mother’s Day