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Making the First Sexual Move in Online Dating

Thanks to the advancement of technology, you got yourself registered to an online dating site and successfully managed to strike up a friendly conversation with her. The biggest dilemma now comes in introducing the first sexual slant in a way that the female does not find offensive and is not put-off by it. Some of the most common blunders made by men here are –

  • Being too forward or awkward all of a sudden in a manner that the female gets repelled by it.
  • They have been so nice and polite that the female has bracketed them in the ‘friend category’.
  • Failure to establish if she is attracted to you. Light flirtation should be introduced early to make her ready to accept your first sexual move.
  • Failing to be comfortable with your own sexuality and letting her know that you are attracted to her.

Sexual Move in Online Dating

Hence, it is imperative that you introduce the sexual element of the relationship at just the right time. Too early or too late- both are fatal and would kill any chance of actually hooking up with the girl. Below mentioned are some practical tips to introduce the sexual elements in your conversation –

  • Do not wait to seek her consent to move into talking on intimate grounds. No woman would come forth and say,”I am now ready for you to start talking about sex now.” The topic can be naturally introduced by past relationships, dates, first kiss, first hookup. Encourage her to speak as well and subtly compliment her sexually as and when appropriate. This would help establish ease and comfort between the two of you. Understand that there’s no perfect or appropriate moment. It just has to be created.

Sexual Move in Online Dating

  • Never start off with being too intimate right at the beginning. Start on lighter grounds and allow things to grow naturally between the two of you.
  • A female has more often than not shame, sexual inhibitions, and a defense wall. She may wish for a sexual innuendo with you but would still be surprised and hesitant with your sexual hint and would try to get back in the shell. It would be totally up to you to make her feel confident and beautiful enough to open up and get comfortable with you about sexual intimacy. It takes little light questions or experiences to take the relationship from friendly to romantic plane.

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