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Why a Probate Lawyer is Essential

Probate is the legal process of distributing the assets of an estate after death. Even though many people have a will, unforeseeable complications can cause the estate assets to be distributed unfairly and against the deceased’s wishes. It is best to hire a probate lawyer to handle the estate according to the law and respect the will’s intentions. A lawyer is necessary so that people unfamiliar with the law will not be taken advantage of. Here are some ways a Probate Lawyer is useful

  • Proving the Validity of the Will: If you have ever seen a mystery movie where various versions of a will are involved, you can understand the problems that can occur in real life, when the validity of a will is in question. In some cases, newer versions of wills may be discovered, and there is also the possibility of fraudulent wills being passed off as authentic. Sometimes wills are signed under duress or when a person is not of sound mind. These kinds of problems can keep an estate tied up for years. The best solution is to file a will with an estate lawyer with instructions given to the executor as well.
  • Cataloguing the Estate: In the case of larger estates, there is a lot of property to consider. It is good to have experts come in and make an assessment and inventory of the assets. A CK Lawyers, probate lawyer will know who to call and will have neutral parties make assessments and organize the details in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Appraisals: As with cataloguing an estate, a probate lawyer can arrange to have the property appraised. Having a neutral party handle this aspect will cause less disagreement among the interested parties. Misunderstandings over property values are one of the biggest causes of disputes in settling an estate.
  • Debts: Debts and taxes need to be paid, even when you are dead. If you don’t arrange for it, whoever inherits your estate will have to. Having this discussion ahead of time can help you minimize the tax issues and make sure that debts will be paid upfront. In the case of companies belonging to the deceased, arrangements should be made for the company’s transition and its obligations and taxes.

Having a probate lawyer involved in your estate is the only way to ensure the fastest settlement possible and the fair treatment of your heirs. Estates can become complicated quickly, and it is crucial to have a legal professional on your side.