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Save Your Money By Raising Energy Efficiency Of The House

As a rule, we lose a lot of energy in our houses in late fall, winter and early spring period when it is cold outside. In this article you will find useful tips that can help you raise energy efficiency of your house and so save on paying for energy bills. Some instructions that you will find here are absolutely free to do so you basically just save, while others are inexpensive and very simple to do. With these simple tips you will be able to maximize your savings through the cold seasons.

Take Advantage Of Heat From The Sun

Sun is a great source of heat during any period of year, and especially during winter season. This is why the easiest way to collect it in your house is not to cover windows with curtains, but on the contrary to open them. During the day open the curtains in your house from the south side and do not forget to close them when it gets dark outside.

Cover Drafty Windows

Another great tips of saving energy inside the house from Winnipeg windows experts is to use a heavy-duty or clear plastic sheets on windows frames or simply take a tape clear plastic film and put it on the inside of your windows frames for the cold months. In this way you increase insulation of your windows by sealing them and so increase their ability of preserving temperature inside of the house.

Adjust The Temperature

This is one of the greatest tips ever! If you have an automatic thermostat then this tips becomes even easier to perform. The idea lies in the fact, that while you are awake you can put your thermostat temperature as high as it is comfortable for you, but when you are getting to sleep lower the temperature back to 10° to 15°. If you do it every day for at least eight hours a day, the calculations show that it saves around 10% of your year’s heating and cooling bills.

Find And Seal Leaks

Another great issue that a lot of houses suffer from is connected to leaks in windows and doors. According to Brampton windows experts if you find and seal leaks in your house, you in fact do up to 50% of all possible job to save money on energy in the house. All you need to do is check all windows and doors in your house and check if they leak, then take special foam and fix any issues. Afterwards, you can paint the foam in the matching color to preserve the appearance of your house.

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