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Purchase a Straight Stairlift Track

As you age, it becomes difficult to perform daily living activities. Your bones become more frail and susceptible to serious injury. A flight of stairs poses a severe risk to such injury. You may have thought of moving to a retirement home or selling your home. These are costly processes. You may also not want to leave your home. A stairlift will give you independence, allowing you to get to each floor safely and with ease. When you or a loved one begin to struggle going up and down the stairs, it may be time to invest in a stairlift.

Horizontal Versus Vertical

There are a variety of stairlift tracks. Most stairlift tracks have a horizontal track. These tracks have a toothed surface in the middle as well as slots for the wheels to keep the seat on the track. Straight stair lift in Corby can also run vertically. Vertical straight stairlift tracks take up less space on your staircase, making it easier for others who do not use the stairlift to use the stairs.

Other Options

Folding tracks have sections that can be folded to save space. These sections can be manual or automatic. This is an excellent feature for those who have staircases located close to doorways. Having the ability to fold the stairlift tracks prevents tripping. Sliding tracks are also an excellent option. Sliding tracks move when the chair is in use and motion. Sliding tracks are the most expensive option as the whole assembly moves out of the way of traffic automatically. You will not have to manually fold the tracks when they are not in use.