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Trenbolone Acetate Cycle – Fitness Supplement Dosage and Top Stacks

Trenbolone Acetate is anabolic steroid originally used as veterinary medication for weight loss of the cattle to overcome shipping difficulties. This is now used by bodybuilders for bulking and cutting.

Types of Trenbolone:

Trenbolone Acetate is often sold as Finaject. Another Trenbolone comes in the name of Tri Trenbolone including Enanthate and Hexahydrobenzylcaronate.


Depending on how the body deals with the steroids, there is difference of half-life between the three Trenbolone types stated above. Trenbolone Acetate’s half-life is 48-72 hours. Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcaronate has 14 days whereas Enanthate has 7-10 days.

The cycle length for cutting is around 400mg per week as standard dose of Trenbolone Acetate. This should be taken as 5-200mg in duration of 8-12 weeks. The pair of Winstrol and Trenbolone Acetate has good cutting cycle. This pair also known as Winny and gives toning to the body at the same time burning off fat. The bodybuilders use this combination during the last 4 weeks for a chiseled look.


Trenbolone Acetate is considered as powerful steroid that is anabolic and androgenic. It is used mainly by the bodybuilders who are prone to steroid usage and hence there is no beginning dose. However, the standard dose is 50-200mg taken every alternate day summing up to 400mg per week. A dose below 300mg per week will not have the necessary effect of bulking cycles.


Trenbolone can be used as stack with many products. It is often stacked with Testosterone Propionate since it converts testosterone to estrogen. The dosage is called as “Test Prop” with 100mg per week. It helps in balancing and lessening the side effects of estrogen.

The next stack is with Dianabol and usually stacked during 1st-3rd cycle.

If you are opting for longer cycle of 20 weeks, Trenbolone Acetate is added in the middle of cycle. For instance the beginning cycle is typically with Deca Durabolin lasting till 12th week instead of Trenbolone Acetate. From 10th week onwards Trenbolone Acetate is taken. This gives overlapping cycles for 1-2 weeks.


The Trebolone Acetate has massive results before and after the cycle and hence more bodybuilders get attracted to this. Some of them have experienced lean muscle development of in the range of 20-30 pound in the just a month of usage.

The main reason behind the excellent results is due to binding of androgen receptor with bonds and this is seen as five times stronger than those produced by testosterone. This increases the body capacity of performing the process of protein synthesis and thereby cell development to give lean muscle.

Like other steroids, this one too has certain side effects. Hence, you should consume and start only after considering prescription and side effects, it will have on your body and daily routine.