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Health Effects of Smoking a Hookah or Shisha

Often you must have considered whether smoking a shisha, also called as hookah, would have the same effects of smoking as that of a cigarette. However, most people in the Arabian countries have their own description of tobacco water pipe. The most common name has been a Shisha or a Hookah. It would not be wrong to suggest that the hookah has become an integral part of the splendid tradition of most Middle East countries. It has been widely popular and the oldest tradition in various other countries such as Egypt, Turkey and India.

Effects of Smoking

What does a Hookah look like?

The Hookah comprises a tall pipe having a glass bottom where cold water is filled. On the top, the hookah comprises a cup shaped device where tobacco is placed enclosed in a thin foil. On top of the foil, heated cola is placed. The Sheesha, Shisha or Hookah operates by way of filtering the water and heating up of the tobacco placed in the foil indirectly. The item has gained much recognition in the Arab countries. However, most people make use of a hookah to smoke herbal fruits, tobacco and marijuana. The tobacco for hookah comes in a variety of flavors such as apple, strawberry, peach, mint, mango, coconut, pistachio and more.

Hookah look

Effects of Sheesha or Hookah

Most people believe that Shisha is less hazardous than smoking cigarette or a pipe. Whether their belief is true or not, let us explore. Maybe, their belief would be held to be true, as it has been done indirectly as compared to smoking a cigarette or a pipe. However, contrary to popular belief, the analysis from WHO revealed that hookah has been considered far more dangerous than smoking a cigarette or a pipe. A person would be inhaling more smoke through a hookah in comparison to smoking a cigarette stick or a person with pipe smoking habit would inhale.

Effects of Sheesha or Hookah

You would be taking in more smoke through a hookah than a pipe or a cigarette. As a result, you would be exposed to smoke for a longer duration. Inhaling the smoke from a hookah would be like taking in toxic compounds and gases along with heavy metals. Consequently, chances of you being exposed to pulmonary and cardiac problems would enhance significantly. It would also mean that water in a pipe might not filter smoke, but would most certainly absorb nicotine.

Therefore, Shisha has been noted to be more dangerous than smoking a cigarette. Despite it being considered dangerous for health, you would find plenty of hookahs for sale online.