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How to Take Care of Your Beautiful Pearls

Pearls are extremely sensitive and delicate gemstones. Hence, it is essential to adequately take care of the beautiful and timeless pearls in a woman’s jewelry collection by adhering to some extra precautions.

Ways of Taking Care of your Beautiful Pearls:              

  • Do not expose pearls to any chemical
  • Avoid exposing pearls to any surface that might harm the Calcium Carbonate or scratch the surface
  • Limit the exposure of pearls to acids

Beautiful Pearls

  • Wear your pearls last and remember to take them off first – Pearls, being organic gems composed of Calcium Carbonate, are vulnerable to the chemicals present in perfumes, hair sprays, and cosmetics. One must remember to dress, style their hair, apply their make-up, and spray on their perfume before putting on any pearl jewelry.
  • Limit the use of pearl bracelets and rings – As bracelets and rings sit on the wearer’s hands and are thus more prone to scratching, one should never put on these pieces when they anticipate doing work with their hands. Wearing of pearl bracelets and rings should be limited to only special occasions.
  • Wipe your pearls gently after you take them off – One must gently wipe the pearls with a soft and delicate cloth after removing the pearls for the day. The luster of a pearl gets deteriorated by even the littlest amount of sweat. Removing perspiration from the pearls after each and every use helps in preserving the luster.
  • Wipe your pearls immediately if they get exposed to acid – A number of substances like sweat, fruit juice, perfume, vinegar contain acid. The acid breaks down the pearl’s crystallized Calcium, thus damaging its luster for long-term. One should immediately wipe their pearls clean with a delicate cloth if the pearls get exposed to acidic substances.

Beautiful Pearls

Pearls should only be cleaned when a soft cloth is no longer sufficient for removing the dirt or sweat. Harsh brushes or chemicals that can damage the surface of the pearls must be avoided. A mild soap or a baby shampoo should be gently applied with a delicate manicure brush for the cleaning of pearls. A hard brush can cause scratches while a harsh cleaner can ruin the pearl.