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Various Aspects Of Construction Testing

Construction testing encompasses a wide range of services designed to check the stability and functionality of a structure. Different aspects are tested to see if they comply with industry standards. If they are found to be lacking, then the inspector may recommend several measures to remedy the situation. Two of the most common types of testing are for waterproofing and fireproofing.

Construction testing encompasses


Commercial and industrial structures are highly sensitive to moisture. Any seepage can wreck havoc inside whether it is a slow build-up or a sudden flood. All of the waterproofing measures should be installed correctly to avoid unnecessary headaches later on. For example, the roof needs to be completely sealed such that rainwater does not get to the interiors. The overflow channels and pipes must also be free of debris that could block the flow.

Waterproofing Construction Testing


Factories that deal with flammable materials need to adhere to the strictest standards for fireproofing. Just a small spark could result in multi-million dollar losses so it is important to ensure compliance with safety standards. Inspectors can spot problematic areas and recommend solutions.

Fireproofing  Construction Testing