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Techniques Your Business Can Use To Resolve Disputes

Every business will face some type of dispute at some point. This could be a dispute involving an employee, a contract or a customer. You need to handle the situation correctly from the very start to get the best results. Here are a few of the techniques your business can use to resolve disputes.

Private or Internal Negotiations

The first technique is private or internal negotiations. This is often the initial tactic a business will try. This technique involves simply sitting down with the parties involved in the dispute and attempting to work out a favorable resolution. No outside parties are involved. This option is not always effective especially if the other parties are particularly adversarial or hostile towards your business. You could also end up just making the problem worse if negotiations fall through.


A second option is to go through professional mediation. This technique uses a neutral third party to moderate meetings between everyone involved in the dispute. The idea is that the mediator will help to facilitate a dialog between the parties that could eventually result in a solution. The complex part is that any resolution requires everyone involved in the mediation sessions to agree to the terms individually. This rarely happens in complex or aggressively contentious cases.


A very popular option for resolving disputes is arbitration. This is similar to mediation in some ways with a few big differences. Arbitration involves all parties presenting evidence and talking to a neutral arbiter. Attorneys are often present as well. The arbiter will then ultimately make a decision about the best resolution to the dispute even if one of the parties disagrees with the outcome. Services like can do this whole process online so that there is no need to travel. Online arbitration is a very efficient option if your business is facing a dispute since it is fast and simple.


One final option is litigation when presented with a dispute. This means securing lawyers and going to court to resolve a claim. Litigation is the least desirable technique since the outcome can be unpredictable, trials could last for years and the cost is usually very large. Your business might also receive negative press coverage during the trial. Litigation is generally only used when all other options have failed.

Picking the Best Method

Picking the best method for resolving a dispute is not always easy. Litigation should be avoided. Private negotiations and mediation often fail. Online arbitration is a good option because it places the resolution in the hands of a trusted third party. The process is quick and does not require constant meetings at a central location. Online arbitration can also cost much less than most other options.