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Using Proxies For Anonymous Surfing – Top Tips

It is a well known fact that when you browse online, different host sites that you visit basically take the information from your PC and store various cookies to gather more precise information about you. This helps the host sites to provide you with more accurate information, as per your location, browsing history, searches and interests.

Using Proxies

However, many people do not like this idea of sharing their information with the third party sites, and this is where the importance of proxy servers comes in. By using private proxies on fineproxy, you can be sure that no matter which site you visit, there won’t be any intrusion in your privacy. Private proxies ensure that you are able to surf anonymously, without revealing your IP address or letting the host site store any cookies on your PC.

It would also ensure that any cyber attacks or online threats do not get the chance to make you its victim. As millions of people become victim to cyber attacks, online threats, virus attacks, and so on each year, it only makes sense to take preventive measures beforehand. Here are the few tips that can help you stay protected online and have a smooth online browsing experience, anonymously.

cyber attacks online threats

  • Always check the proxy service you are joining.
  • If possible, join a paid proxy service with good reputation in the market.
  • Make sure that the bandwidth capacity of the proxy service is high.
  • Check the security measures installed by the proxy service to keep you safe from online threats and attacks.
  • You can install proxy service toolbar or use web proxies for anonymous surfing as per your need.
  • You can also choose from what kind of proxy service you want – anonymous, high anonymity, transparent and distorting, which would largely depend upon your sole objective of using proxies in the first place.

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The above mentioned tips can be really helpful for you, if you want to enjoy a safe and smooth experience browsing online. There are many proxy services online that can help you browse anonymously, but make sure to choose a trusted and reliable proxy service provider. As there are many proxy services online, both paid and free, it is essential to take your time, research and review different sites, and then make a firm decision as to which proxy service you should use. It would ensure that you do not get into further troubles, when you were actually looking to stay away from the troubles.