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Ruger Vaquero Holster of Kirkpatrick

If you want the best quality of concealed Ruger vaquero holsters then you must visit or contact Kirkpatrick. They make the fine lather quality of holster that can be an addon to your gun collection. The 70 years of trust is an added advantage to the company, thus bringing more people to the shop. Know about this topic in detail from the details given in the article.

What is Kirkpatrick?

This company dated long back in 1950, has done a commendable job for preparing the best quality of holster from 1911 to the famous and most used Ruger vaquero holsters. The professionals that are hired by the company have years of experience in the field. The creativity when combined with the traditional approach and handcrafted leather holsters is generated. This has kept the company going forever 70 years now. They always come up with new ideas which can be combined. The variety of options which is available can range from the old 1800s to the latest modern classics.

What are the features of the Ruger vaquero holsters?

Now let us look at the features of the holsters so that you can choose the best one for yourself. The barrel ranges which can be from 3 to 6 inches are designed. That is because even if the model of the gun is the same, but the length of the barrel can change depending on the manufactures. The camouflage property which helps in concealing and protecting the gun is also new and preferred for many reasons. The positioning of the gun is most important as the gun should be hidden from others but they can be accessed easily. Now Ruger vaquero holsters can be customized and new security things can be added so that you can feel safe with them. The online mode of the company will help you gather more information in a short duration. This is because they have an option where you can select and then compare a few Ruger vaquero holsters, making it easier to choose. The price of the holster is also affordable.


For the best quality of any type of gun holster, you must visit Kirkpatrick. They have a variety of opinions available from which you can choose depending on the size of the gun and your other preferences. They can also be easily customized if you need them for some specific purposes. The quality of material used is just commendable and is a plus point to your gun collection. With the trust of 70 years, they are still coming up with new ideas and hiring the best professional possible. The options available to you can also be compared on the online mode. The size of the barrel and the color are most important. This will give you confidence and you can improve your collection of guns. I hope this article was helpful in solving your queries related to this topic.