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Who invented the slot machine?

While at the w88 club, you will be shocked to learn which year the slots were invented, where and who did it. Slot machines are the casino games which are widely played, with a growth in the market which has grown significantly online.

Now it is possible playing slots on various mobile devices, with the developers of software incorporating some skill elements in the game to encourage the young players who have been gaming for several years.  What might surprise you is that, the first slot machine which was also referred to as the one armed bandits or fruit machines came from machines which were built in late 19th century

The slot machines nickel-in

The nickel in the slot machines was the 1880s precursor to the slot machines that involved gambling. Nowadays, they are the slots which can be played on sites which are reputable like the slot IV which include the slots popularly offering a lot of payouts for players who are lucky.

The nickel in the slot machines used to be games for entertainment which players won or lost, and it was due to the fact that they were found mostly clubs for gentlemen or pubs. The companies then looked out into incorporating wagering in the game.

Pitt and Sittman

The first company that brought gambling into the slot machine was the Sittman and Pitt that was based in the New York City. The first slot machine, which was launched in 1891, had five drus that had 10 cards for playing on each of the drum, utilizing a standard card deck minus the jack of the hearts and the 10 of spades to halve the royal flush odds, thus, increasing the house edge of the club or pub owner.

With the spins which were random for the wheel when the coin was inserted, the players were able to stop the wheel by use of the lever, creating a poker hand and wining a free cigar or beer depending on the cards that were drawn.

Liberty Bell and Charles Fey slot machine

There are certain people that don’t consider Sittman and Pitt poker to be the first slots as they didn’t incorporate the automatic payouts into them. instead, they tend to refer to the Charles Fey to be the inventor of the original slots which had a payout system that was automatic and utilized the same symbols as the ones  that are used in the modern slot machines.

Born in 1862 in Bavaria as August Fey, he changed his name later to Charles, moving to France, then headed to UK and finally settled in the USA, working as a mechanical engineer on the intercoms, telephones, maritime equipment, and electrical apparatus.

All the experience that he had made it possible for him to create a machine that was prototype, and together with a co-worker, they formed a new company which was founded that created slot machines with a payment system that is automated.

 After 12 years, 1887 to 1898, there were several slot machine variants that were created in San Francisco by Fey with 4-11-44 that was launched in 1895 being the most popular one.