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Why You Still Need Printed Business Cards Today

You have many different options when it comes to marketing and advertising today. It is critical that you never ignore printed marketing materials. You specifically need to have professional business cards handy at all times. Here is why you still need printed business cards today.

Make a Personal Impact

The reality is that interacting with potential clients and consumers digitally can be impersonal. There is very little about you or your brand that might leave an impression when viewed through a computer or mobile device. Business cards are important today because they allow you to make a personal impact. You can hand the card to someone personally leaving a stronger impression than if you relied solely on digital marketing.

Printed Business Cards1

Reach Areas Digital Marketing Cannot

Digital marketing can only be seen in very specific places. People need to be looking at a computer screen or smartphone to see your online marketing. You need business cards because they can reach areas that digital marketing cannot. You can pass out LOFT business cards in a gym, office or even a street corner. The cards are always visible whether there is computer present or not.

Be Present When Purchasing Decisions Are Made

Business cards allow your company to be present when consumers are making purchasing decisions. The business card is a physical object that the person will see in a wallet, on a desk or on a wall at the point when it becomes clear a product or service is needed. This greatly increases the chances that the person will contact your business to make a purchase.

Express Your Brand Effectively

Your brand is what sets your business apart from most other companies. You need business cards because they allow you to express your brand effectively. You can come up with very innovative business card designs that will leave a bold impression on the people who see it. This can help to make your brand more recognizable and memorable. Business cards can do far more than websites for your brand in many cases.

Printed Business Cards

Business Cards Are Shareable

A major reason you need business cards is that they are shareable. If you give someone a few business cards, then that person could pass them on to someone else. You could construct an entire network of leads or potential clients when people share your cards with others. Business cards can even be left in places like storefronts where people will pick them up and share them later.

Show Your Professionalism

A final reason you need business cards today is to show your professionalism. A quality business card will show that you are dedicated to your business and position. It will create a very positive first impression. Business cards can also help to build trust in your business and brand by showing you are a real professional.