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How to Choose a Reputable Recruitment Agency

For job seekers and employers, using recruitment companies can provide a lot of benefits. You will find many recruitment agencies which can fulfil the needs of the employers and provide opportunities for job seekers.

A good recruitment agency can help a corporate recruiter assess if the potential employee is the right fit according to the needs of the business. Certain factors need to be considered before opting for a recruitment agency in Thailand.

Evaluate Their Business Track Record

Many recruitment agencies in Thailand have been operating for many years, but you should always opt for one which has a good track record. You can search for reviews online on third-party websites to find firsthand reviews of candidates and businesses who have partnered with a particular agency.

One way of determining the track record is by looking at the size of the company, as most often, a large recruitment company is likely to have a successful reputation and might attract qualified candidates. However, there are recruitment companies which albeit might be smaller in size but have an excellent reputation for highly qualified candidates. Hence, it is better to conduct research beforehand to determine the company’s reputation and then choose accordingly.

Determine Their Areas of Expertise

There are different areas of expertise that a recruitment agency specialises in, ranging from IT, engineering, finance, and accounting. If you choose an agency similar to your required expertise, finding a job will become considerably easier.

As an employer, you can prepare a list of difficult to fill positions and provide that to the agency and determine if they are familiar with these positions and can offer potential candidates for your business.

Evaluate the Recruitment Channels for the Agency

Having a wide variety of recruitment channels for an industry will likely lead to acquiring high-quality candidates. An agency having multiple recruiting channels such as digital media, job boards, email blasts, or even social media can only mean a higher candidate pool. Having vast variation in candidates provides your business with a better opportunity to choose the potential candidate from.

Terms and Conditions of the Agency

Before you sign up with any recruitment company in Thailand, it is better to get a thorough explanation about the fees and other terms and conditions. Make sure to look into payment terms, guarantee period, and exclusivity.

What if you hire a candidate through the recruitment agency, and they fail to perform in the probation period? How is the recruitment agency going to handle that? Will they provide you with a replacement, a credit note, or a refund? It is wise to look at the terms and conditions before you sign up with any recruitment agency.