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Customers Share Opinions About Their Shipping Experience with SAC

While doing research on finding a trust worthy shipping company for transportation of your car, you may find many such auto shippers. This is the easy part, but what comes next is the most difficult one, which is to choose, which of these auto shippers would be suitable for you to transport your car at right destination, right time and right price.

You need to understand that all the shipping companies are not same, finding a reliable one can be rare. The ones who are cheap cannot be selected, as they might have some safety issues. The freelance drivers do not have required insurance or experience to put your mind at ease. The local transporters also won’t be a good fit for long distance auto transport.

For transportation of your car, you will require a service of an expert who has years of experience. Like Ship a car, Inc. they are the most trusted name in vehicle shipping having experience of more than a decade. They have five-star customer reviews from over fifty thousand happy customers. Their main goal is to provide best shipping experience with their representatives always ready to help the customers. You can check out their customer reviews on

Following are some important factors to consider while selecting auto shippers:

  • Have a look at their customer reviews

While researching and before zeroing on a vendor, make sure to visit their website and check-out the customer reviews for knowing what kind of experience others had. Also, make sure to look-out for companies with a higher percentage of reviews, positive as well as negative. Obviously, no company or person is perfect, but if you are aware of the weak spots before-hand, you’ll know what to expect. In case, you find there are more negative reviews than positive, know that the company is not worth taking a shot on.

  • Look for company offering quotations (no-obligation)

Find about the customer services offered by the prospective vendor. Most companies these days tend to offer free, no obligation quotes for the transport. In case, they pressurize you to make a booking immediately on inquiry, it might not be a wise choice for you. Getting an idea in the initial stages ensures that the transport happens within your budget.

  • Judge on the basis of their willingness to resolve your queries

It shouldn’t be scripted, of course. Reputable vendors won’t run-away from your genuine concerns. Ask clearly regarding costs, terms and conditions among other things. Any company avoiding to answer these questions is a wrong choice, a red flag.

  • Enquire about the company’s various policies

Knowing the company’s policies regarding cost, insurance, delays, shipping options, money-back in the event of delay, pricing policy etc.

After considering above points, make sure you have alternatives to compare their quotes and services. Selecting the car transport company will be important for a smooth and peaceful shipping experience. Hiring an experienced transport company that comes highly recommended and the one you have come to trust will give you hassle free service with none to minimal damage to your car.