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3 reasons how to improve customer relationships in an auto repair shop business

Price is the primary factor that has led to stiff competition between auto repair shops. Some auto shops provide meager rates for the same task you offer, and many clients choose them. How will you overcome this stiff competition without lowering your rates too low? If you have a good shop management software system, you will make it. The system guarantees clients’ satisfaction, and you won’t need to charge very low to have them.

Get the latest management and technology system to improve customer relationships. In any business, the most important thing is the customer service level. Here is how you can improve your customer service level to get more clients.

  1. Offer quick updates via text messaging

Don’t only call your clients when their vehicles are ready for picking at the moment. The present customers need information quickly in a more convenient way. The method you use shouldn’t disrupt them. Many people use their phones for their everyday communication and work. Communicate in a two-way text method between the service departments and clients. It will put the business one step ahead.

Customers need timely updates and personalized services. Service technicians can also get quick approvals on the service recommendations. They provide the customers with videos and pictures of the problem on the vehicle. Text communication also helps to avoid typing up phone lines.

  1. Offer same-day services

You can do many services on the same day to serve the client well. Some auto shops will have to schedule a service for two or more days because of the heavy workload. On the worst end, some auto shops will constantly promise to complete the work within a few hours, but will fail to do so. It results in client frustrations, and many clients won’t come back.

The reason isn’t about the heavy workload. It’s an inefficiency in the management and service delivery.

  1. Improve the internal workflow

The best way to improve client relationships is to start with the internal processes. What is causing customer dissatisfaction? What are the challenges that technicians face? What’s causing the vehicles to move slowly in the service bay? A lack of streamlined communication and integrations will result in all these cases. These constraints and bottlenecks will trickle down. They will affect clients to a greater extent.

Make use of the latest technology to enhance the service department’s workflow. A production efficiency platform will be a great solution to integrate into your system. The service will be quicker with faster communication and real-time reporting. It should happen across all departments. It will be easy to know what supplies and parts are in stock and follow up with a client for service. Simple integration will have a huge impact that will lead to a greater client experience. It will naturally improve the client relationships with time.


It’s good to observe ways to boost your auto repair shop to enhance good client relationships. The above three tips are vital to uplift your business to greater heights.