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Trans-Resveratrol – Detailed Guide About Its Medicinal Benefits And Side Effects

Trans-Resveratrol, as the name says, is prepared using two kinds of isomer resveratrol as the basic ingredient. It is actually the second form of the product (the first one is cisresveratrol). This active supplement is the most opted one since it is comparatively more stable than the other type.

How to Use

When you look for trans-resveratrol supplement to purchase from either online stores or in the local drug stores, you will find it in different dosages. The available dosage includes 500mg, 200mg and 250mg. The suggested dosage of this supplement on daily basis is around 200mg and might exceed till 600mg. Some physicians even suggest higher dosages, but only if your body is capable of withstanding its aftereffects.

Even though the supplements are available in the packs containing detailed information about its ingredients, some ingredients might not fit with your body homeostasis. Hence, experts suggest consulting your physician before planning to start with trans and cis-resveratrol dosage cycle.


Effects of Trans-Resveratrol

There are many medicinal benefits of using trans-resveratrol on periodic basis.

  • After studying the mice injected with this supplement, it is discovered that treatment with this supplement has the capacity to enhance the working features of memory cells. Hence, this drug is best suited for people who have inherited Alzheimer’s biomarkers from either their maternal or paternal side.
  • It has also proven beneficial to reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s up to certain extent in the patients, with early onset.
  • If used tropically, then this supplement has excellent effect on reducing the chances of skin cancer, esophageal cancer and even the development of cancerous tumor in mammary glands.
  • When taken at suggested dosage, it has the capacity to enhance the fertility and also the sperm count in males.

Side Effects

Trans-resveratrol is a synthetically produced supplement and hence, experiencing some side effects is common, but only if you exceed the dosage. Some of such side effects include,

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Who Should Avoid this Supplement?

Trans-resveratrol is not an ideal drug to everyone and hence, not all are fit to take this supplement. People on some prescribed medications cannot follow trans-resveratrol cycle. The list of such medications include,

  • Antifungal and antiviral medicine
  • Blood thinners
  • Blood pressure
  • Under cancer treatments
  • Painkillers related to NSAID
  • Anti-depressants

If you are already on dosage cycle of some herbal supplements such as Ginkgo Biloba, garlic capsules and St. John’s Wort, then it is suggested to consult your doctor to know whether it is the best idea to mix the herbal supplements.